Where is my Box?

You can always track the status of your boxes from within your account here (You must be logged in to view this page). Please make sure to check this page every once and while. On the page itself we'll also explain the different statuses and what to do if your box seems to be stuck in a status.
We have stated all statuses once more below:

Below we' explain what the different Statuses mean and how long they may take. If one of your boxes seem to be stuck on a status for too long or has the 'Research' status please contact our support here a.s.a.p.

Status Days
Unfullfilled Congrats, a new box has been generated for you. Way to go! 2-5
In progress Prepations are being made to pack your box e.g. label printing. 2-5
Fulfilling We are very busy packing your box with all those cool goodies :) 2-5
Fulfilment Your box is packed. Waiting to be shipped! 1-7
Shipped Your box has been shipped, hold on! 1-7
Research Oh oh, something is wrong with your box, contact support now! depends on you ;)
Lost Sad news. This box got lost on the way. Infinite

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