How can I cancel my Inonebox membership?

Are you considering cancelling your Inonebox Membership? :(

We can hardly imagine that you do not want to receive all these crazy cool Inoneboxes anymore. Every 2 months a box with items worth over €65 for only €19/box. However, if you really want to unsubscribe. No problem!

This is how cancelling works and what will be charged

Option 1) Do it yourself

Log in to your Inonebox account. Go to Menu > Billing. On this page you will find your membership payment information, and 2 big buttons. You can either choose to "Pause" or "Cancel my membership". Please choose the option you desire. If you choose to pause you can continue your membership whenever you want, whether that is next month or next year! 

If you would like to cancel, please follow all cancellation steps. Once you finished the cancellation process, your membership will be automatically cancelled at the end of the month. Not a few months notice period with us. We also hate that;)

Option 2) via Customer Support

  • You will need to notify us at least 5 business days before the first day of the new month if you would like to cancel starting directly. You will not be charged another monthly fee of €19.  
  • If you notify us within 5 business day from the first day of the new month your membership wil be cancelled on the first of the next + 1 month. This means you'll be billed €19 once more.


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