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We believe that permission based email marketing isn't just build around the idea of abiding CAN-Spam rules, but also
includes and requires resources that enable you stay up to date with the latest news and innovations around this toopic. That's
why we have a strong focus on quality education for our clients.

Do you have a quality Article, PDF or Course around the Email Marketing topic?

Support the INInbox email marketing community and attract more publicity for your website at the same time!
Send your content to our INspired support team. We will review the content and add it to our Resources section with
your credentials if approved.

INdepth Tutorial Video's

If you love to learn in a virtual way, then the INdepth Tutorial Video's are great for you. These short video's will show you every detail about your INinbox account. Still missing a video about an important topic? Please send your request to our Inspired support team and they will create the video for you.

Create new list

Duration: 1:36

Add a new contact

Duration: 1:37

Import your current list

Duration: 4:04

Create INinbox webform

Duration: 2:55

Add reply/from email address

Duration: 2:08

Change confirmation email

Duration: 2:10

Create plain text broadcast

Duration: 2:12

Create HTML broadcast

Duration: 3:08

Create plain text autoresponder

Duration: 2:33

Create HTML autoresponder

Duration: 3:20

Add credits to your account

Duration: 1:36

  • Single Or Double Opt-in
  • Automated Welcome Emails
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Solid E-mail Creator
  • In Depth E-mail Analytics
  • Leads & Sales Conversation Tracking
  • Message Personalisation
  • Free Premium E-mail Templates
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