Connect Wufoo to build amazing online forms

With Wufoo you can create amazing online forms. At the same time Wufoo let's you collect and
understand your data, so connecting with your customers becomes easy, fast, and fun!

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Working out together: wanna jump in?

Wufoo & INinbox Workout Plan
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How Wufoo & INinbox Work Together

When you connect Wufoo and INinbox you're able to forward your new Wufoo leads directly to your INinbox account. This way all your new leads can automatically be added to your INinbox list where you can send them new emails.

So what kind of INtegrations can me made?
  • Forward new Wufoo leads automatically to INinbox
  • Send optional mobile notifications for every new lead
  • Create online forms with your personal branding
  • Send your new leads automated emails
  • Or choose to send them specific updates manually
  • ... and many other powerful features

INtegration video

Learn more about how to INtegrate Wufoo with INinbox

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