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Add surveys to your emails with SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey let's you create surveys for your customers. These surveys are super easy to create and
will give you the answers and results you need for your marketing campaigns, events, and projects.

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Working out together: "wow, in perfect harmony!"

SurveyMonkey & INinbox Workout Plan
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How SurveyMonkey & INinbox Work Together

This SurveyMonkey and INinbox INtegration will help you to use and share your surveys easy and
super fast in all your emails. It's just one click of a button and you're ready to share!

So what kind of INtegrations can me made?
  • Share your SurveyMonkey surveys by email
  • Create multiple surveys to send to mulitple email lists
  • Add surveys with one click of a button
  • Segment your email lists to get a survey or not
  • Send your contacts email reminders to fill in the survey
  • ... and many other powerful features

Sometimes SurveyMonkey users have a tough time creating a survey from scratch. To help with this and make the integration as easy as possible SurveyMonkey created a list of templates for you. Click here to see them all.

INtegration video

Learn more about how to INtegrate SurveyMonkey with INinbox

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