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Start a high performance e-commerce website with Magento

Magento is an online & flexible e-commerce solution that helps you get the most from your online channel.
The platform was built flexible to create rich, differentiated consumer experiences from the desktop to mobile.

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Working out together: wax on, wax off...

Magento & INinbox Workout Plan
Here comes a Workout plan

How Magento & INinbox Work Together

Connecting Magento with INinbox enables you to upload and sync all your e-commerce contacts from
Magento to INinbox and send them your marketing emails to maximize your revenue.

So how can this INtegration help you?
  • Upload existing Magento contacts in mass action to an email list of choice
  • Sync subscribers, customers, and orders in real-time to a list of choice
  • Send confirmation email for double optin lists (yes/no)
  • Supports single and double opt-in emails
  • Sync extra contact data, like company, gender, country and even custom fields
  • Add contacts to your autoresponder cycle (yes/no)
  • Update existing contacts during syncing (yes/no)
  • Supports syncing to multiple lists

INtegration video

Learn more about how to INtegrate Magento with INinbox

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