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Manage Your Recurring Revenue Business with Chargify

Chargify helps you to manage your business recurring billing customer life cycle. If your business
need to bill people over and over again, then Chargify will do this for you easily.

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Working out together: uhm... what's the safe word again?

Chargify & INinbox Workout Plan
Here comes a Workout plan

How Chargify & INinbox Work Together

Connecting Chargify and INinbox allows you to import and update all your subscribers from Chargify to INinbox with one click. This enables you to reach out to your Chargify subscribers with automated emails and/or manual broadcasts.

So what kind of INtegrations can me made?
  • Upload your Chargify contacts to INinbox with 1 click
  • Update existing subscriber details
  • Segment these leads to send them specific emails
  • Send automated marketing emails to your contacts
  • Or choose to send them specific updates manually
  • ... and many other powerful features

INtegration video

Learn more about how to INtegrate Chargify with INinbox

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