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Team Management

You can compose and manage your own "teams" within your INinbox account. This feature is perfect when you want to use the INinbox service as your own white label and/or when you want your customers, employees or partners to be able to log in to your account without having access to all of the features.

YOU choose whatever restrictions each "team member" has. Categorize groups by composing different teams and decide what features they have access too. Select and add your customers or partners to the team, and restrictions, of your choice.

For example:

you would like one of your employees or partners to be able to create a new list, import some contacts and start making a new autoresponder. However, you don't want him to see your account details, previous broadcasts and current statistics. So, you hesitate to give him your account details. DON'T WORRY!

With this new set of options you are able to create subaccounts for every employee, partner or customer and add them to different teams with different restrictions. You are able to define specifically per team what kind of access you want to give the people in that team.

It is completely up to you!

You can grant teams access to view and alter the following features:

  • Account settings
    • Edit profile
    • Change password
    • Email from files and email reply field
    • My signature
  • Overview
    • Add credits
    • Payments
    • Conversion tracking
  • Create broadcasts
    • Import their own designs
    • Build or import their own templates
    • Run design and spam tests
    • Sent campaigns
  • Manage lists
  • See reports

With these new option you will be able to outsource or resell your e-mail marketing in a much safer way!

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