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Split Testing

With the INinbox split testing feature you can optimize your campaigns even more effective! Compare the effectiveness of two or more versions of an email broadcast and discover which has better conversion or response rate. INinbox monitors which version shows the best results and automatically sends the broadcast to the "winner". You make the rules! Set which stats the outcome of the split test will be based on.

For example:

you are mailing 5000 subscribers and you decide to create a split test with 2 broadcast versions, both versions have different subjects. You set the split test "test group" to 10% (500 of the 5000 people) . All other aspects of the email's content and layout are identical.

  • To 500 people it sends the email with Subject 1
  • and to another 4500 people it sends the email with Subject 2.

INinbox then monitors which broadcast version is the most effective by analysing the open rates of the broadcasts. The email using Subject 1 has a 10% open rate (25 people opened), and the email using Subject 2 has a 8% open rate (20 of the recipients opened the email). The INinbox system therefore determines that in this specific example, the first subject is more effective and will send the broadcast with this subject to the remaining 90% of the list (4500 subscribers).

Set the rules

In the example above, the purpose of the test is to determine which broadcast has the highest open rate. If, however, the goal of a split test is to see which would generate the highest clicks - that is, the number of people who actually click through from a link within the email broadcast- this is another test metric and can also be set when you create the split test.

You can also set more than two different versions of your email broadcast for the split test. It's all up to you!

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