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Email Delivery

Maximizing inbox delivery is our passion! No more lost emails, our independently verified 99% delivery track record keeps you in control of your email marketing campaigns!

Send emails to your entire audience on time. Ensure your subscribers get your messages by using a platform with proven success.

Because we have been sending out millions and millions of emails we have built up a strong track record that ensures that the biggest ISP's qualify the mails send through INinbox as high quality emails, and therefore are not blocking them from reaching your subscribers inbox's!

INinbox is also Return Path Certified. This is the largest and most recognized email reputation system in the world: if you are approved as Return Path Certified, the chances that your messages will be blocked as SPAM are dramatically reduced and your deliverability substantially increased.

Recent studies have shown that businesses that have been certified experience an average 27% lift in overall inbox delivery rate.

What really counts

Cause that is what in the end counts the most! You can make beautiful email campaigns, but if they are not ending up in the inbox's of your subscribers... if they are not "seen", then how much is your design worth!

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