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Meet Our Team Leads

Meet the innovators and expert in the INinbox leadership team that are working around the clock to give you the best in email marketing...

Tim Bekker
CEO and Founder

Tim Bekker founded INinbox and is still actively involved in all major decision making related to this service and serve as the company's CEO.

Tim graduated from the University of Groningen in 2006 for Technical Business and has been working since to further grow his online activities.


Jelle Mostert
Relationship Manager

Jelle Mostert joined INinbox as Relationship Manager and has years of experience as online trainer, coach and INternet Marketeer.

At INinbox Jelle is responsible for relationship and overall General management. It is his goal to build and maintain a robust and yet flexible email marketing platform, that is both a user-friendly and professional tool. Doing so in collaboration with professionals all over the globe.


What is our Dream?

We see businesses of all sizes worldwide struglge with setting up their email marketing infrastructure in house.
It is our dream to change this. We believe in building a service, an affordable and accessible solution, that
releases you from all the troubles that arise when managing you own email streams.

A service that has all email tools you will ever need for industry low prices.


Our Vision

Focus on value At INinbox the goal is to add value and solve problems for our clients
Supporting any size business from small to enterprise with the tools needed to grow their online activities.
Create an extraordinary support environment through email, live chat and phone.

Focus on ROI Our email tools are all designed and developed with a strong focus on ROI. Bring your email
spendings down to a minimum while taking your turnover and profits to new heights.

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